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PropertyPro can automate customer mailings sending out full particulars, single page or summary details to the customers that you select, along with personalised covering letters.

Mailings are very flexible and can be targeted in many ways. You could choose to send full details to First Time Buyers and summary details to your vendors, or mail single page details to your applicants that are on the market with your competition (after all these could be tomorrows vendors).

You can choose only to mail to people who have been in contact with you between any particular dates. You can choose to e-mail details to any applicant (as long as you have their e-mail address), the main thing is...



What we can do for you

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  2. Hardware
  3. Support
  4. Training
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  6. E-Commerce

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comments from our clients

"A marvellous system which I would highly recommend - way above any other systems I have used in the past."
Diane Arkell - The Property Professional

"we found the level of support to be invaluable"
David Gaster - David Andrews Homes

"I have complete confidence in all your staff, you have a good product in PropertyPro"
Edward Robinson - Robinson Estate Agents


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